ChatGpt Unblocked – Possible Reasons and Solution

OpenAI’s Chat GPT has taken the internet world by storm due to its exceptional ability to generate human-like conversations based on text prompts. This artificial intelligence-based tool can understand and respond to a wide range of queries, from general to more specific topics, so it’s no wonder why this tool has become popular for every type of personal and business use.

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The popularity of ChatGPT can be estimated from the fact that it had crossed 1 Million users in just 5 days after its release on November 30, 2022. With the growth in the number of users, ChatGPT has started having troubles, and a lot of people complain that ChatGPT isn’t working on their end and showing a “ChatGPT Unblocked” message. There could be several reasons for this. In this article, we’re going to discuss the possible reasons for Chat GPT being blocked and how to fix that problem. So let’s get started.

Why is ChatGPT Blocked – 4 Possible Reasons 

There could be several reasons why chat GPT isn’t working on your device. These may include the following :

Network Restrictions

Some Schools or workplace networks have restricted access to Chat GPT to avoid its misuse. As some of the students can automate their writing work (thesis) using ChatGPT without being caught. This is because Chat GPT written text looks so real and plagiarism prone that no one can say it’s written by an AI chatbot.

Firewall Settings 

Some Firewall settings can also prevent access to Chat GPT. Overall, Chat GPT is blocked by China’s “great firewall” as it doesn’t satisfy the censorship laws of the country.

ChatGPT isn’t Available in Your Region

If you’re getting a “ChatGPT Unblocked” message, possibly you’re living in a country where Chat GPT or OpenAI’s services aren’t available due to data privacy concerns. In this sitch, you can also get an error message saying “Not Available”.

ChatGPT Server Is Down, Or Your Account Is Blocked

If you’re facing the “ChatGPT unblocked” issue, there are possibilities that the OpenAI’s server is down due to more traffic or your account has been banned due to violations of openAI’s privacy rules and regulations.

How To Resolve “ChatGPT Unblocked”?

You don’t need to feel left out of the latest AI chatbot revolutions if you’re getting a “ChatGPT unblocked” message. Just wave goodbye to all chat GPT restrictions by following the below possible solutions:


One of the best ways to bypass all ChatGPT restrictions is to use a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) secures your internet traffic by encrypting it and directing it through a server located in a different location. A number of free and paid VPNs are available on the internet; you can select any based on your needs.

Clear Browser Cache And Cookies

If the issue is with the ChatGPT web app, try clearing the browser app cache and cookies for ChatGPT. This can assist in fixing any issue that is causing the “ChatGPT unblocked” message.

Try Different Internet Connection

If the issue is with the internet connection, shift to another wifi connection or mobile data.

Sign Out Of The Website And Then Sign Back In

Another possible solution to resolve “ChatGPT unblocked” is to sign out of the ChatGPT website and then sign in again. This will refresh the system and can resolve all related problems.

Check If The Server is Down

Check the Chat GPT server status to see if it’s down or operational. If the server is down, then be patient and try logging in again after some time.

Report Issue To ChatGPT Support

If you think the ChatGPT website is wrongly blocked for you, report the issue to Chat GPT support. That can help you to unblock the website or at least provide you with some information on why it’s being blocked for you.

Use ChatGPT Alternatives

If you’ve tried all the above-mentioned solutions but can’t get ChatGPT unblocked, it’s better for you to use some of the other alternatives of ChatGPT, i.e. Google Bard or Bing Chat.


We hope this guide has helped you to resolve the “ChatGPT unblocked” issue. Our favourite all-in-one solution to all ChatGPT restrictions is the use of a VPN. However, trying other alternatives to Chat GPT is also a good  idea. Just make sure to conduct your research about the platform you’re going to use. All the best for your adventure with AI chatbots!

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