How To Get OpenAI ChatGPT API Key in 2024

Are you looking for ways how you can get a free ChatGpt API Key and how to use an openAI API key? You have clicked the right page! In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about the ChatGPT (OpenAI) API key including its pricing, setting method, and some of the common errors. Why wait? Let’s delve in and find your secret key for the chatbot to unlock new potential!

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What is ChatGPT API Key

ChatGPT, the latest language model introduced by OpenAI in late November 2022 is getting too much discussion over the internet due to its capabilities to generate human-like responses. In the start, it was 100% free to use but in February OpenAI decided to make some money out of it and launched ChatGPT Plus, the premium service that costs $20 per month. However, the basic version is still free to use.

The advancements and innovations by OpenAI haven’t ended there. On March 1st, 2023 OpenAI officially launched the ChatGPT API for developers. This API enables seamless integration of GPT’s capabilities into various applications, systems, and platforms, offering features such as text generation and language understanding, among others. This integration presents a cost-effective solution compared to OpenAI’s existing language models. Consequently, both businesses and individual developers can leverage the immense capabilities of GPT-3.5-turbo to create a diverse range of applications and products. These may include automating email composition, building intelligent customer service systems, and generating Python code.

In addition to ChatGPT, OpenAI also provides developers with the opportunity to integrate Whisper, an open-source speech recognition platform that facilitates text-to-speech functionalities. OpenAI emphasizes that the potential use cases of the ChatGPT API extend far beyond AI-powered chat interfaces, showcasing its versatility and applicability in various domains.

How To Find And Use Secret ChatGPT API Key?

If you’re new to using Chat GPT with the API, don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the process in simple steps: 

  1. First, you’ll need to create a free account and generate some keys. It’s super easy! 
  2. Head over to the website  and sign up using your email address. If you prefer, you can also use your Google or Microsoft account to sign up instead.
  3. Now open the openAI login page and provide your credentials to access the program’s initial interface.
  4. Now in the upper right corner locate the menu bar and click on your account icon. A drop-down menu will open, in the menu, a number of options will show up, you just have to select “View API Keys.” 
  5. The API keys page will open with the detail of some already created keys. To create a new one you have to hit the “Create new secret key” button. 
  6. The system will automatically generate an API key for you. Hit the green copy icon in front of the generated key, to copy the key and save it to a safe place. Keep in mind once you lose the key, you won’t be able to view it again. However, the option to regenerate the key is still available.
  7. At any point if you want to cancel or revoke the ChatGPT API key, do it by just clicking the “Revoke key” button. This will instantly disable the key, rendering any API requests made with it invalid. Keep in mind that once a key is revoked, you will no longer be able to view or modify it. 
  8. Bear in mind! If you belong to multiple organizations, you can designate a default organization for making API requests. 

Note: The generated API key provides access to both the GPT-4 and ChatGPT models of OpenAI, eliminating the need to generate separate keys for each model.

OpenAI API Key Cost And Token 

OpenAI has introduced a new pricing offer for the ChatGPT model, built on GPT3.5. Users can now access 1,000 tokens for just $0.002. This offer is touted as 10x more affordable than the original GPT3.5 models launched in June 2020. ChatGPT excels in conversational abilities, unlike the previous models that focused on coherent language generation.

It’s important to note that even a single piece of text sent to the API can consume multiple tokens. Each token represents approximately 4 characters or 0.75 words in English.

ChatGPT models process a series of messages and metadata using a new format called Chat Markup Language (ChatML). ChatML acts as an intermediary, optimizing data exchange between input and model processing.

While ChatGPT models still rely on token-based processing, ChatML delivers message data more efficiently. It’s important to stay within the model’s maximum context length of 2048 tokens or 1500 words.

Setting Limits

OpenAI Offers free credits of worth $18 to a selected group of users. These users are bound to use the free credits within a timeframe of 3 months. We can say that by doing this OpenAI has provided a great way for its users to test its services before upgrading to pro plans.

If you have plans to use this service continuously and purchase the plus subscription, OpenAI will demand from you to provide your credit card details.

If you already have a paid subscription, you can set up your monthly usage limit, say $10 per month

What To Do If OpenAI API Key Is Not Working?

If you’re facing trouble while using the ChatGPT API key, there may be a couple of reasons for that. There is a possibility of a technical glitch or you might have run out of your free tokens. However, you can take the below-mentioned solutions to fix the issue:

Switch To Other Browser

Some of the Reddit users have reported that shifting to another browser has solved the API key rejection error. If you’re currently using Google Chrome to operate ChatGPT, it’s advised to use Firefox or any other browser and see if the OpenAI API is working properly or not.

Wait For A While

Technical difficulties can occasionally interfere with API operations. In such situations, we recommend waiting for approximately 10 to 15 minutes before attempting to use your API key again.

You Might Have Run Out Of Free Tokens

To seamlessly operate OpenAI API, it’s crucial for you to have a paid subscription. If you’re using free ChatGPT API tokens provided by OpenAI and suddenly received the message that you’ve reached your current quota, it’s probable that your free tokens have been utilized. To continue availing of the service, now you need to purchase tokens that cost $0.002 for 1000 tokens of about 750 words.

The Best Chrome Extension That Directly Uses Chat GPT API 

The ChatGPT Sidebar has gained immense popularity as a Chrome extension that uses the Chat GPT API to generate remarkably human-like responses to users’ inquiries. It serves as a valuable tool, aiding users in their reading and writing process. This handy extension seamlessly integrates as a sidebar on any web page, offering prompt assistance for all user requests. 

The Verdict 

All in all, ChatGPT API Key is an impressive resource that empowers the creation of conversational AI. With its remarkable ability to understand and produce responses resembling human language, it proves to be an ideal tool for creating chatbots, virtual assistants, and similar conversational applications. Acquiring an API key is a simple process, and once obtained, you can unleash the power of Chat GPT to generate responses based on text input. When talking about the pricing we reached the point that it can vary depending on the usage.

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